Walla Walla

A short film | 2022

"Writer and director Hayley Durelle pulls no punches in this hilarious dramedy... 'Walla Walla' is exactly what you’d expect from a classic indie short: originality, beautiful cinematography (by Kirk W. Johnson), and a human-centered story." –Alex Barr, Willamette Week

On a road trip that's equal parts adventure and chore...

... two resourceful young adults drive 400 miles from their town in rural Idaho in pursuit of an abortion out of state. Low on cash and fueled by friendship, they make the long trek up I-84 in a beloved but unreliable 25-year-old car.  Determined to find the fun in an otherwise stressful situation, Kayla and Tori pivot masterfully around setbacks large and small with good humor and genuine affection. 

Shot and edited in the period between the overturn of Roe V. Wade and Idaho's extreme abortion bans taking effect, Walla Walla is a portrait of two friends relentlessly seeking joy in an unfair world.